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South Florida Custom Orthotics

Coral Springs, FL Lab

Our South Florida custom orthotics are great for every walk of life. They can be used for so many activities that the list is endless! From basketball, football, soccer, golf, tennis, fishing, bartenders, registered nurses, doctors, laborers — this is the perfect insert for you! With the latest technology and over 40+ years experience our Coral Springs based lab is constantly cranking out orders. Our customers are located all over the Nation. From athletes to the elderly, we have something for you!

Our custom orthotics can be used in almost any type of shoe. We have three sizes — regular, 3/4’s, and full. They will fit everything from sandals to heels, sport sneakers to western boots. Our goal is to eliminate foot pain by providing an efficient product. The accuracy of our scanners are amazing. If you’re local you can always stop into our Coral Springs location and be analyzed for a higher price. However, we offer a more cost efficient option where we will send you out a casting box and you can mold your foot yourself.

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