//Do You Have Lower Body Pain?

Do You Have Lower Body Pain?

Do you have heel pain? Do you have hip pain? Do you have foot pain? Do you have flat feet? Do you have bunions? Do you have metatarsal pain? Do you have arch pain?

Do you play sports? Do you work on your feet for long periods of time? Do you rely on your body to get the job done?

Custom Orthotics by Leonard Kerns aka Mr. Arch

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then we have the right product for you! Our custom orthotics are designed to virtually eliminate all of your lower body pain. Although, we can’t guarantee that your pain will be gone due to everyone being different, we will work with you side-by-side to help determine what product and / or option is best for you and your physical situation. Len Kerns, Certified Pedorthist, has been creating orthotics for over 30 years! Not once has he ever outsourced a service. Every aspect of your orthotics design is made custom and in-house. With that said, we simply can not be compared to other companies. Our custom orthotics lab is located in Coral Springs, FL but we ship nationwide!

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