Custom Orthotics for Athletes

Mr. Arch Custom Orthotics – Coral Springs, FL

Custom orthotics for athletes made by Mr. Arch aren’t like your normal insert. Mr. Arch uses a “step-in-the-box” method where once your order is complete we will then ship you out a casting box that you will use to mold each foot. Our new casting box has several improvements that will force you to stand correctly so that we’re able to gather an accurate representation of your foot. Along with our new box, we have also purchased a new and improved foot scanner. This scanner connects to an iPad and is able to read your foot more accurately than our previous scanner.

Here’s what a visit to Mr. Arch‘s Foot Lab gets you:

  • Video Gate Analysis of your feet & knees.
  • Ink Impression Mat of your feet which is used to determine foot problems.
  • Samples of our universal dress orthotic to try on and test out.
  • Samples of our top-of-the-line orthotic that can only be ordered through the lab.

Keep in mind that our in-store pricing is more expensive than our online pricing due to the personalized service and attention you receive.