///EZ-2 Women’s Universal Dress Orthotic SH 3/4 (Shock Heel)

EZ-2 Women’s Universal Dress Orthotic SH 3/4 (Shock Heel)

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Use: Held with Velcro® fasteners, in all ladies flats, high heels, sling-backs, sandals, etc. Designed extra narrow to fit the modern contours of ladies dress shoes, is flared out between the 1st and 5th metatarsals for full balance, providing support of the arch, and control pronation or supination of the heel.

Structure: Manufactured on a flexible thin leather base, Deep heel seat of Shock Heel on reinforced base for positive control, with rubber longitudinal arch support, Plastazote special beveled metatarsal bar, and standard deluxe top cover or pillow top. And held in place with supplied Velcro® Fasteners.

Note: A. Regular length is for shoes that fit normally snug leaving no extra room under the metatarsal heads for padding. B. 3/4″ Length adds 1/8″ of an inch under metatarsal heads requiring shoes to be loose fitting.


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