///EZ-5 All Sports Men & Women Orthotic 3/4 Length

EZ-5 All Sports Men & Women Orthotic 3/4 Length

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Use: For occupational demanding extra cushioning or normal athletic activities. Golfing, Running, Walking, Soccer, Tennis, Skiing, Roller Blading, etc…

Structure: Manufactured on a flexible thin leather base, SH full heel for extra cushioning, with rubber longitudinal arch support, Plastazote special beveled metatarsal bar, and Deluxe or Pillow top over 1/16″ Springlite heel padding. And held in place with supplied Velcro® fasteners.

Note: A. 3/4″ and full length have extra 1/8″ springlite padding added to protect metatarsal heads and toes. B. These orthotics must be used in sport shoes with removable inner soles.


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