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Len Kern Board Certified Pedorthist aka Mr. Arch has been supplying custom foot orthotics to doctors, patients profession & armature sports people for over 35 years. A long time low back pain, knee pain and foot pain suffer Len stated his career searching for the resolution of his own personal problems.

After trying numerous therapies, multitudes of products and “others” orthotics, Len discovered that he had learn for himself how the foot really worked. Len studied at Philadelphia School of Shoe Repair Shoe Making and orthopedic modifications. Fortified with the foundation of shoe mechanics and construction it was time for Len to study human foot mechanics. Working with Dr. Kenneth Rehm DMP who studied with the founding fathers of foot orthotics Len saw how critical foot function biomechanics were to a proper diagnosis and treatment. Len who had personally been to over 30 professionals with little or no success in his quest to resolve his suffering discovered that detailed analysis of foot function – biomechanics was a critical element. This discovery was to become and is the corner stone MR. Arch and Foot Function Labs.

Len began video recording patients foot and gait movements on everyone he could. A practice he continues to this day on his personal Clients. While studying Dr. Rehm’s Len expanded his education at Northwestern University in Chicago an obtained his Board Certified Pediatrist degree. Len is an avid seeker of the root cause and ultimate resolution for every condition his clients present with no matter if its bunions, foot-ankle pain, knee pain, back pain and much more. This same commitment extenders to the patients of the national network of physicians who use and prescribe Foot Function orthotics to their patients. The hand and wisdom of the maker is always present in each and every product Mr. Arch and Foot Function Labs produces.

Mr. Arch and Foot Function labs are pioneers in the orthotics field. The extensive product line with:

  • Specific models for all sports and professional athletes.
  • Work, leisure, motor cycle and western boots.
  • Women’s shoes of all types styles including backless sandals.
  • Men’s shoes of all types styles including backless sandals.
  • Different covering, materials and accessories.

Models and innovative solutions that Mr. Arch was first to market with and continues to be a industry leader in.

The founding principles and corner stone of Mr. Arch Foot Function Labs is based on is Video Motion Studies of patient foot and gaits providing detailed analysis of fundamental foot function – biomechanics that align with real world solutions. After seeing thousands live foot function biomechanical studies Mr. Arch knows where to start and how to finish the “right orthotic” for you.

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