Specializing in 100% custom orthotics and premade orthotics that will fit in 99% of your dress shoes, sandals, sneakers, cleats, or boots!

Custom Orthotics

Since 1979, Mr. Arch has been providing custom orthotics to the entire nation! With an improved balance casting box we are able to accurately design an orthotic that will improve every walk of your life! From work, to sports, to your hobbies, we guarantee a comfort like no other!

Our products include:

• Dress Shoes
• Business Shoes
• Casual Shoes
• Children’s shoes
• All Sports & Running Shoes


MrArch and Foot Function labs are pioneers in the orthotics field. The extensive product line with:

  • Specific models for all sports and professional athletes.
  • Work, leisure, motor cycle and western boots.
  • Women’s shoes of all types – styles including backless sandals.
  • Men’s shoes of all types – styles including backless sandals.
  • Different covering, materials and accessories.
  • Models and innovative solutions that MrArch was first to market with and continues to be a industry leader in.

MrArch spent years listening to patients complain that their bunions & pains returned even after surgery. Why? Because patients who didn’t correct the abnormal foot function – biomechanics with orthotics were still subject to root causes. Many complained that even if they received an orthotic the size prevented they from using it the foot ware they wore most often. Len spent years inventing a flexible orthotic that would fit properly in heels, flats and even backless sandals including flip flops. Men and women could finally get the relief and support they desperately needed in a form they could use daily. These revolutionary new orthotics are even interchange between shoes and styles with our easy attachment system.

If you are purchasing on line we invented a special home impression box that makes better correction impression for our lab to manufacture your new custom orthotic from. An old saying to remember is: junk in junk out. Or in other words a poor impression results can result in a less than desirable outcome. So, if you are not using our exclusive MrArch Balance Box that help to correct your foot, than you may be getting the best impression possible.

Remember the MrArch Balance Box and our flexible custom orthotic are significant advancements for the relief of a wide range of issues that many people experience today.



Heel pain

Spur pain

Arch pain

Planar fasciitis





Ankle pain

Knee pain

Hip pain

Back pain

Custom Orthotics

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Do You Have Lower Body Pain?

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South Florida Custom Orthotics

South Florida Custom Orthotics

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Custom Orthotics for Athletes

Custom Orthotics for Athletes

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There are several different benefits from purchasing online and from coming directly into our store. A more thorough evaluation of your foot can be done when you come into the shop. With that said, more time is spent per patient, therefore we can’t honor our online pricing.

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